CABALLE beyond music: the north American premiere


2003 Caballe photograph


The Vancouver International Film Festival has chosen "Caballe Beyond Music" as the highlight of its line-up for the year 2003.

The North American premiere of the documentary will finally happen sometime between September 26 to October 10, 2003. As of this update, the official schedule has not yet been set. The word is that Caballe herself may be present at the event, but no confirmation has been made, although the filmmaker, Alberto Sabate will be in attendance.

According to festival organizers, the official festival line-up will be announced Sptember 3, will be available online at the Vancouver International Film Festival's website starting September 5.

I do hope to be present for this, and will report on the gala event if all plans go accordingly.

I'll keep you posted!

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In the late 60's Montserrat Caballe appeared solo at Constitution Hall in Washington, DC. I went only because I was bored at home this particular night. I had only a modest interest in opera. Well, my life changed that night after listening to Ms. Caballe. I shall never forget the emotions I felt when as an encore Ms. Caballe sang Oh mio babbino caro. The audience went wild, cheering and throwing flowers. I fell in love with Ms. Caballe and with opera and have been a fan of both these forty plus years. If my memory serves me correctly my box at Constitution Hall which I shared that night with the German Ambassador was next to the Presidential box which that night was occupied by none other then President Lyndon Johnson and his wife Lady Bird.

Just thought you would enjoy a fond memory.

- Clay Wood

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