A Few Words from the Creator of Unbeldi.com

March 2003

Caballe photoIt had been quite some time since I have made substantial update to this website, and I offer sincere apologies to those who may have been frequent visitors in the past. The creation of this website has been a great experience for me, and has given me the chance to meet and make new friends worldwide via the internet. The response and words of encouragements I have received have far exceeded my expectations, and have been a great reward for all the efforts and time I have dedicated to put this site together.

I have returned unbeldi.com to an advertisement-free server. Previously, monetary constraints left me no choice but to store unbeldi.com on a free-server, but even I have to admit that those random advertisements have become extremely annoying. I hope to be able to keep this an advertisement-free site for as long as possible.

I started the Caballe site at a time when I had much leisure time on my hands, and for the first two years was able to update and publish contributions as they came in. Since the summer of 2001, I have returned to full-time employment, which while on one hand has placed me in a better economic state, on the other it has taken away much time I have in the past devoted to keeping unbeldi.com updated on a more frequent basis.

While I constantly endeavour to find time for this site, it had not been easy. I realize that this may have kept some former frequent visitors from coming back, and would like to say that my commitment to Caballe has not at all wavered, and I will try to honour your contributions again by making more of an effort to use them as I receive them.

I sincerely value and appreciate your emails and contributions, and apologize if some of the ones you have sent have not made it into the site so far. Thank you for your patience and continued support.