Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is this the official website for Monterrat Caballe?

No, this is not the official website for Montserrat Caballe. Most of the information in this site was obtained through a lot of research and the generous contributions by other Caballe admirers from around the world.

Q. Is Caballe still currently singing?

She most certainly is! Caballe at 70 maintains a very busy recital schedule, mainly in Europe.

Q. Where can I write Caballe?


Probably one of the most frequently asked question!
The following address was widely circulated in the French press:

Montserrat Caballe
c/o Marcel de Valmalette
7 Rue Hoche, 92300
Levallois-Perret, FRANCE

You may also wish to send her your greetings care of the venue in which she is scheduled to sing. Should you decide to try this route, make sure your letter arrives at the venue days prior to the scheduled performance. Be aware that because of the possibility of changes in schedule, this may not be the best way to establish contact.

Q. Why is this website only in English?

A very good question, and frequently asked as well, so let me quickly address this one:

This site was originally intended to be an English-only site, as this is the language I speak. I agree that it will be good to have it translated to other languages as well, but the task is an enormous one, considering how this site has evolved into a major one since its inception.

As an interim step, I have included links for computerized ("literal" or "word for word") translations. Perhaps in the future some more accurate translations may be included, but for now, I must apologize and adhere to an English-only content. However I do appreciate the fact that not everyone in the world speaks and reads the language, but must say that the choice of English is by necessity, and not out of snobbery nor disregard for other languages of the world. Thank you for your kind understanding.