An invitation ...

It is a great joy to finally have this website up and running. It is my aim to constantly update the contents of this site, and therefore I am seeking contributions from other Caballe fans and admirers.

Since this is a personal tributes site, it will be great if you can forward contributions on that level. This is decidedly a Montserrat Caballe fans site, and so any contributions deemed offensive to Caballe devotees will more than likely be rejected.

So send me via e-mail your favourite Caballe photos, or your reminiscences of Montserrat Caballe performances and related stories and anecdotes. I will consider all contributions for publication within this site, and give the contributor(s) proper credits. Please send your name and e-mail address along with your contribution(s). *Don't forget to read the disclaimer below!

Thanks for visiting my site, and I do hope to hear from you Montserrat Caballe fans out there. Drop me a line and let me know if you enjoyed this site!

Nitto Marquez, Toronto, Canada

* Disclaimer: By sending me your contribution(s) along with your name and e-mail address, it is explicitly expressed that:
The sender is responsible for the content of the contribution(s). Any error or legal and/or ethical infringement is the responsibility of the sender. I regret that I cannot consider any contributions not accompanied by sender's name and e-mail address. I retain the right to choose or reject submissions for publication.